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Ural Medical Journal

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Chief editor of "Ural Medical Journal" Grand PhD, professor, Honored doctor of the Russian Federation, The chief pulmonologist of Ural Federal region
Dear colleagues!

«On behalf of editorial office I express my sincere appreciation and gratitude to members of editorial board, editorial council and every author of publications in "Ural Medical Journal" for effective collaboration and hope for the long-term cooperation.»

With gratitude,

Chief editor of "Ural Medical Journal"
Grand PhD, professor,
Honored doctor of the Russian Federation

Dear colleagues!

The scientific-practical journal "Ural Medical Journal" was found in 2001. The issue was registered by the Ministry of Print and Mass media PI №77-16740 from 10.11.2003. International standard serial number

The journal "Ural Medical Journal" was included in the List of peer reviewed scientific issues for PhD degree by the decision of the Expert Council of Higher Attestation Commission of Ministry of education and science of Russian Federation.(

By the decision of he Expert Council of Higher Attestation Commission
According to results of additional expertise of HAC of Ministry of education and science of Russian Federation, the "Ural Medical Journal still has its representation in the list of all previously available groups of scientific specialties:
14.01.00 – clinical medicine;
14.02.00 – preventive medicine;
14.03.00 – biomedical science;

The system of distribution of the magazine

• The "Ural Medical Journal" is published 9-11 times a year with a circulation of 2,000 copies. The journal is distributed throughout the Russian Federation and CIS countries..
• Treatment-and-prophylactic and pharmaceutical institutions of the Russian Federation
• The journal is included in the register of subscription publications. For individual and collective subscribers (receiving the magazine by mail)
• Subscription index in the United catalogue "Russian Post" 18014
• Medical exhibitions, conferences, seminars
• Medical and public libraries
• Companies for the production and trade of medicines and medical equipment
The magazine "Ural Medical Journal" is intended for practicing physicians of all specialties, pharmacists, and healthcare professionals. We cover scientific and practical issues of healthcare, discuss the opinions and practical developments of specialists, report on new drugs, medical equipment. Also in our journal you can find information about professional congresses and conferences.

The journal is a leading specialized edition of the Ural-Siberian region, as well as in other regions of the Russian Federation and abroad. The publication contains scientific reviews, lectures by leading domestic and foreign experts, original research on diseases of internal medicine (including the organization of health care, practical medicine; clinical pharmacology and pharmacoeconomics.), clinical reviews, translated articles, also presents modern technologies of diagnosis, treatment and prevention of internal diseases in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases based on the publication of the results of modern evidence-based research and international conciliation documents.

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Редакция журнала «Уральский медицинский журнал»
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Технический директор УМЖ
Возжаев Алексей Вячеславович
Тел.: +7 (343) 232-37-46

ISSN: 2071-5943 (Print)